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Some of our favourite links:

  • Whirligig Plans
  • Woodworker's
  • Books
  • Rodney Frost - Creative Kinetics - Making Mad Toys and Mechanical Marvels in Wood  web link
  • Alan and Gill Bridgewater - The Wonderful World of Whirligigs and Wind Machines
  • Ken Fitzgerald - Weathervanes and Whirligigs
  • Anders S. Lunde - Easy to Make Whirligigs  web link
  • Anders S. Lunde - Action Whirligigs  web link
  • Anders S. Lunde - Whimsical Whirligigs  web link
  • Anders S. Lunde - Whirligigs for children, young and old  web link
  • David Schoonmaker, Bruce Woods - Whirligigs & Weathervanes: A Celebration of Wind Gadgets with Dozens of Creative Projects to Makweb link
  • Sharon Pierce - Making Whirligigs and other wind toy  web link
  • Craft Projects
  • Big Whirligig Craft with recycled materials   web link
  • Shoebox Whirligig Science Museum of Minnesota   web link

    Web Sites
  • Whirligigs   web link
  • Flying Pig   web link


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